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?Ultra-pure rapid heating of DI water and water based process chemicals. Applicable for point of use or recirculation systems . Select "Test Data" for detailed information supporting the capability of the TFS Heaters.


Patented design utilizes infrared radiation heating technique. All wetted materials are Teflon PFA ?. No coated metals in contact with process fluids. This technique converts ~75% of the energy into liquid heat. Rapid heat up and cool down is not plagued by convection delays present in other systems.

Single Pass Flexibility:

Single Pass Heating. Provides an output temperature control of +/- 1 C when using a constant input flow and temperature.?For post develop rinse a?wafer to wafer profile signature can be duplicated within +/- 0.1 C by utilizing a predispense function. Variable Flow Closed Loop Single Pass Heating is also available. Heating energy is controlled via an algorithm based on input flow and temperature. Output temperature is controlled to +/- 1 C independent of input variables within a specified range.

Recirculation Heating:

Reservoir heating can be achieved by using this product in the recirculation loop. Heat up time and final temperature are dependent on temperature delta and flow rate.

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