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TriFact Solutions, Inc.

Designing and building innovative products for use in Manufacturing. These products include a line of TFS Inline Chemical Heaters as well as TFS VUV Dry Organic Removal systems. Both products offer capabilities never before available. These capabilities provide benefits in cost reduction, yield improvement, throughput, and space. For additional information please select the Product Family of interest.

TFS Inline Heaters

Ultra-pure rapid heating of DI water and water based process chemicals. Applicable for point of use and recirculation systems. (Patent #7015437)

TFS VUV Organic Removal

Organic film removal is accomplished by using the new XERADEX ? * Lamp Technology offered by Osram GmbH. The VUV wavelength radiation provides the energy required to break molecular bonds while also converting Oxygen to Ozone. This combination reaction is effective for breaking down and oxidizing photoresist films and side wall polymers. The reaction is carried out in a pressure controlled vacuum chamber. Exhausted bi-products are primarily carbon dioxide and water vapor. (Patent Pending)

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