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  • Performance:
    Ultra-pure rapid heating of DI water and water based process chemicals. Applicable for point of use or recirculation systems. System is available as a fully integrated Temperature Control Unit.

  • Heater:
    Patented design utilizes infrared radiation heating technique. All wetted materials are Teflon PFA and PTFE. No coated metals or Quartz in heater core. This technique converts ~80% of the energy into liquid heat. Rapid heat up and cool down is not plagued by convection delays present in other systems.

  • Single Pass Flexibility:
    Single Pass Heating Provides an output temperature control of +/- 0.1 C when input flow and input temperature are constant.
    Temperature control of +/- 1 C in Start / Stop Flow mode provided the On cycle > 30 sec. and off cycle Capability to provide Variable Flow Single Pass Heating. Heating energy is controlled via an algorithm based on input flow and temperature. Output is controlled to +/- 1 C provided input variables are within a specified range.

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